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Description of services provided

The site is intended to inform all users of the services and activities of the company. The information delivered will be as accurate as possible. However, if omissions, deficiencies or inaccuracies are observed, the owner disclaims any liability.
It should also be noted that all the information provided is indicative and subject to change.

Contractual limitation on technical data

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Intellectual property and counterfeiting

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Limitations of liability

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Similarly for indirect damage caused by the use of the site.
It is also possible for users to directly ask questions, through the interactive space available to them. However, if remarks contrary to the law are formulated, the owner reserves the right to remove them without notice. The criminal and / or civil liability of the user could also be engaged in cases of racist, offensive, slanderous or pornographic remarks, regardless of the medium used.

Management of personal data

Personal data are subject to protection, according to the legislation in force. As part of this site, the owner collects personal information about the user only for the need of certain services offered. The user will be informed of the obligation or not to specify this information. However, no personal information of the user of the site will be exploited, published, exchanged or used without the knowledge of the user.

Hypertext links and cookies

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